FluentSMTP is a powerful and versatile WordPress plugin to enhance your website’s email functionality. With support for multiple email service providers, this plugin ensures fast, secure, and reliable email delivery while providing extensive customization options.


It’s Free

FluentSMTP is part of the “Five for the Future” initiative by the WordPress Foundation, which means it is free and open source. You’ll never be charged for any features or integrations, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious website owners.


Multiple Native API Connections

FluentSMTP supports connections with numerous email service providers, including Amazon SES, Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook, SendGrid, Mailgun, Sendinblue, Pepipost, Postmark, and Sparkpost.

These native REST API connections enable faster and more secure email delivery than standard SMTP protocols.


Real-time Email Delivery

With FluentSMTP, email deliverability is handled in real-time, ensuring optimal performance and high delivery rates to recipients’ inboxes.


Intelligent Email Routing

Easily customize email connections for different types of emails, such as transactional or marketing emails. FluentSMTP will automatically route emails accordingly, giving you greater control over your email campaigns.


Fallback Email Connection

In case your primary email connection fails or reaches its limit, FluentSMTP allows you to set up a backup connection. This seamless fallback prevents email loss and ensures uninterrupted service.


Detailed Email Logging and Reporting

FluentSMTP provides comprehensive logs and reports for all emails sent from your website. Review email statuses, content, headers, and attachments, and resend failed or previous emails as needed. Receive daily or weekly notifications about email stats and issues for easy monitoring.


Active Development and Support

Developed and maintained by the FluentSMTP & WPManageNinja Team, FluentSMTP benefits from ongoing updates and improvements. The team is dedicated to providing fast and friendly support to users, ensuring that the plugin remains the top choice for WordPress email management.



FluentSMTP is the ultimate SMTP plugin for WordPress, offering a wide range of features and integrations to enhance your website’s email functionality. With its user-friendly interface, secure authentication, and robust support, FluentSMTP is the best choice for reliable email delivery and management. Give it a try and experience the difference for yourself.